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Part I. Investigation Methods of Complex and chaotic Nonlinear Dynamics.
Chap.1. Nonlinear Theory.
Chap.2. Delay model, SSA, and Brownian Motions.
Part II. Statistics of Complex and Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamics: Invariants and Rare Events.
Chap.3. Nonlinear Processes and Discrimination.
Chap.4. Statistical and Topological Invariants & Ergodicity.
Part III. Spectral & Time-frequency Theories and Waveforms: Regularity and Singularity.
Chap.5. Spectral & time-frequency analyses and Signal Processing.
Chap.6. The Atomic Decompositions of Signals.
Part IV. Economic Growth, Instability and Nonlinearity.
Chap.7. Evolution of Economic Growth Models.
Chap.8. Efficiency and Random Walk.
Appendix: Mathematics
A.1. Relations, Metric and Topological Structures.
A.2. Prehilbert, Hilbert and Banach Spaces.
A.4. Surfaces and Manifolds.
A.3. Complex number Fields, Holomorphic functions and Singularities.
A.5. Topology.
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A.6. Geometry axioms.
A.7. Series expansions.
A.8. Distribution theory.
A.9. Approximation theory.
A.10. Interpolation theory.
A.11. Numerical resolution of Equations.
A.12. Second-order differential equations.
A.13. Other reminders: Fourier series and transforms, etc.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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